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Honeymoon gift-lists
Our Honeymoon Gift-List service allows the bride and groom to choose a holiday to be split in many small packages (vouchers) available to friends and relatives. Holiday packages could includa one or more nights at an hotel, dinners at typical restaurants, excursions, courses (scuba-diving, dance, etc.), beauty therapies and anything else the holiday site offers. To have an idea of how a Honeymoon Gift-List looks like you can access this sample (pdf, 140KB) while if you want to have a look to a voucher you can do it through this page (pdf, 140KB).
SWS gives you the chance to celebrate the most important day in your life here in Bosa with fascinating solutions including a Roman Catholic wedding or a civil wedding, nights in selected hotels and unforgettable wedding parties for you and all your guests.
Getting married here in Bosa means living in complete relax a day wholly devoted to celebrations. Our organization will sort out everything you'll need to happily enjoy the day together with your guests on the enchanting background of our town.
Below, you'll find a detailed description of our offer:
Getting married in the Temo valley
- Transfer from/to the Alghero airport or car rental
- Hotel accomodation
- Civil cerimony or religious cerimony
- Vintage car to take the bride and the groom to the cerimony
- Wedding lunch
- Photographic service

The services listed are all optional and you are free to choose the ones you like best. We are always ready to give you a quote for a tailored solution.

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