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San Pietro is the cathedral of Bosa Vetus, the site where Bosa was founded at about 1km from the actual town. The church was consacrated in 1073 and today it still stands in its grandeur among the olive trees on the left bank of the river Temo. The festival in honour of saints Peter and Paul is celebrated on the 29th June.
S. Pietro
San Cosma e Damiano
The church devoted to the saints Cosma and Damiano lays on the river Temo valley among the orange groves at a short distance from the town centre.
The church was probably built during the Bizantine domination (between the VI and the X century) and it was initially devoted to saint Bachisio. The celebration in honour of the two saints is held on 26th September.
"Sas Marias" (the Holy Maries) is the church also known as "Caravetta" and looks like a church coming from a fairy tales book: located amongst vineyards on a venue called Laccos, where the Malvasia wine is produced.
Sas Marias
The church was once part of a monastery and each year, on the 8th September, it hosts a festival involving the local farmers and holiday-makers living nearby. The site is about 8km from Bosa and the sorrounding area is a green valley rich of olive trees and crop fields.
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