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SWS is happy to introduce you to our range of school trip programs. Our programs are built on a set of excursions that you can also combine into custom solutions talilored on your needs.

Here are our programs:

Were you interested in an alternative solution, please don't hesitate to contact us at the email address specifying the excursions you are interested in.

Our travel agency actively collaborates with a team of educational specialists with whom we've promped a school trip different from the classical one. Our tracks, in fact, include a playing/recreational interval aimed to give the pubils a better understanding of their day spent on the banks of river Temo.

Pupils are involved in the drawing of one of the monuments visited. Through this artwork they'll have a chance to better think about their experience.

An approach combining arts and the knowledge of history comes from various learning techniques based on the concept saying that drawing helps pupils to get in touch with the subject in an environment different from the usual school desk. During the artwork session, the class will be guided by an educational specialist. We'll also provide all the painting-material.

In this case, too, pupils are involved in an informal analysis of what they experienced during the trip. At some point during the day, pupils are given a test with multiple replies that will stimulate their thought about what they have seen.

The test won't last long and it will be simple but at the same time it will be a chance to recall concepts regarding history, arts and culture already met in the classroom.

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