Bosa, view of Sos Puppos
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The Temo river in Bosa, is the only navigable waterway on the island. Rowers usually train along the track going from the estuary to the S. Pietro church on a distance of 4km. All along the track, the river is wide enough to have three boats one aside each other.

A nice 1km stretch

Traffic from motorboats on the Temo is quite light and it is never a problem for training sessions. Only during the month of August traffic becomes a bit busier but it can be easily avoided by choosing appropriate times for sessions when motorboat-seawolves are still under their pillows...

Another 500m stretch

Tide on the river is really ininfluent and only in rare cases it is not possible to boat because of it. Anyway it is always possible to get some training through the complete range of facilities provided by the club.

Bosa, single sculler on the river Temo board Bosa, again a single sculler, again flat waters of river Temo Bosa, double sculls passing over the old tanneries
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