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Rowing has always been in the DNA of SWS and in the years, it changed from a pure passion into a chance of work that we managed to handle including in our range of offers a training camp for rowers on the river Temo.
Neither the Mistral Wind nor the North Wind can turn that sleepy waterway of the Temo river into rough waters. The rower going on the Temo for the first time always aknowledges its pleasant waters.
Quad in action
The temperature of the place is never too cold and even during wintertime sun rays can be felt on the skin. To get more details about the temperature, you can have a look at the monthly chart. These weather conditions make it possible to row on the Temo for almost 350 days per year.
SWS has many contacts in the rowing world of UK and all the athletes invited here for a training camp have always given an enthusiastic feedback. Our offer, titled "Rowing in Bosa", covers the full range of needs of a rowing team coming here in Bosa and it is based on a 7 nights / 8 days period.
Rowing in Bosa
- Transfer from/to the Alghero airport
- Accomodation in 3* hotel with double breakfast and half board treatment
- Access to the local rowing club premises, the Circolo Canottieri Sannio, and use of their boats.
- Assistance by a club steward from SWS
- Bicycle rental
- Insurance
- Motorboat for the coach
- Fuel for the motorboat
We are ready to provide you with quotes for stays of various durations and for alternative services from the ones shown above. We are also in a position to provide you with wheat-free diets.
Chris Spencer, former International rower and Captain of Poplar Blackwall District Rowing Club regularly comes to Bosa and organises training camps for British oarsmen and women.
Chris says: " The water in Bosa is superb and ideal for practising technique and the course is very good for the harder session as it is really navigable and perfect for even bad steersmen. Each time that we come to Bosa the climate is fantastic for training and the always calm water makes it very hard to leave".
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