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The Circolo Canottieri Sannio rowing club is located along the old road between Bosa and its seaside area, Bosa Marina, close to the new bridge on the river Temo. The premises are made up of two buildings, one hosting the changing rooms and the ergometer hall and the other hosting a modern gym with all the machinery needed for a weights training session.

The building for ergos and changing rooms

The boathouse stands between the two buildings. The whole lot lays alongside the river. The boating takes place onto buoying pontoons firmly tightened to the banks.

During the training camp, the guest rowers will get assistance from Nino, the club steward, who is in a position to provide everything is needed for the training session. Nino will also follow the boat sessions onto the motorboat.

The ergometer hall hosts seven Concept 2 ergos in perfect conditions and the air flow is always guaranted by an appropriate windowing system.

Part of the ergo hall

The gym for weights sessions is 150sqm wide and provides all the fitness machinery.

The gym

In the surroundings there are also various running tracks. The local rowers usually have three main tracks to follow during their running sessions: one is only 3km long and it is used as a warming up lap, another one is 10km long (5km each way) and the last one is 11.2km long. When longer distances are required for running sessions, the favourite route is the one going towards the nearby village of Modolo or the one going along the coastline towards Alghero.

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