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The sea at a few steps aside, the only navigable waterway on the island, the second largest old town in Sardinia after Cagliari, an unpolluted countryside and the pride of having been one of the seven royal cities of Sardinia: this is Bosa.
SWS offers you Bosa in many holiday solutions for every time of the year. Take a look at our holiday packages and ask for more details through the page "Write us".
Holiday packets in Bosa from SWS
Carnival 2009 in Bosa
SWS is happy to present its Carnival offers in Bosa that will make you live an extraordinary experience in 1, 2 or 4 nights.
Holiday n.1 [2 days, 1 night]
Saturday of the Cellars
The holiday to enjoy one of the most joyful nights of the Carnival of Bosa! SWS is happy to offer you a 3 star hotel accomodation and the introduction to the magic of the Via Carmine, the road in the old town famous for its cellars where people from Bosa meet eating plenty of "Fae a Landinu" (boiled broadbeans) and drinking local wine. SWS will also provide each of the participants with a carnival dress (a typical carnival dress, not too smart in accordance to the event) and a bottle of wine in order to happily join the party. The night goes along among toasts and laughs.
Funny moments from the Carnival of Bosa
The Sabato delle Cantine is held on the 2nd February 2008. SWS suggests you to reach Bosa in the morning or in the afternoon so to have a chance to see the set up of the festival. The outing to the cellars will be around 8PM and it will end only in the Sunday morning. We can also provide you with an optional car rental service at competitive prices. Please feel free to ask for quotes.
The holiday includes
  • Accomodation for one night, Saturday 2nd February, in double room
  • Mask-dress for the evening
  • Bottle of local wine
  • Introduction to the evening with local wine tasting
  • Entrance to local hexibitions on Sunday
Price per person: from 53.00 GBP, complete package
Holiday n.2 [3 days, 2 nights]
Living the Fat Tuesday
The Fat Tuesday in Bosa (held on the 5th February) is something unique in the whole world: during the morning, the main road of the town is animated by a crowd dressed in black crying the typical mourning of "S'Attitidu" and playing one of the most original open sky theatre representations around. People is dressed in black acting as old mothers worried about their young doughter that went out partying on the night before and doing crazy things. This is why the old mother goes around asking to have some wine for relief and showing everybody what remains of her doughter represented by a dolly. At the same time the mother brings a flask of wine with her, helping other mothers with their worries. All this leads to such an unusual festival you'll remember all life long. During the night of the same day, people dress up in white and go around the town looking for "Gioldzi" and calling aloud his name. "Gioldzi" is a puppet representing the Carnival that gets burned at some point in the night. This event also brings people drinking and laughing together. Both in the morning and in the evening sexual symbols are always involved although in a joyful and happy way...
Sad mask recalling what happened to her little daughter
SWS gives you the chance to live this extraordinary experience by providing a complete survival kit for the "S'Attitidu" and "Gioldzi": accomodation at a B&B on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th February, black dress, head-scarf, dolly and bottle of wine with typical sandwich to get ready in the morning and white dress with candle-stick for the night. A typical lunch will be served at a local cellar. All the ingredients for an unforgettable Carnival are here: all you'll have to bring is a desire to heavily enjoy yourselves!
The holiday includes
  • Accomodation for two nights, Monday and Tuesday
  • Typical mask-dress for the "S'Attitidu" morning
  • Wine tasting
  • Typical sandwich to get ready for the morning
  • Bottle of local wine
  • Introduction to the events for the morning
  • Typical lunch at a cellar
  • White dress for the evening with candlestick
  • Introduction to the evening
Price per person: from 90.00 GBP, complete package
Holiday n.3 [5 days, 4 nights]
All of the Carnival of Bosa
Our last offer includes the previous two: from Saturday 2nd to Wednesday 6th you'll enjoy five days and four nights of full-immersion into the Carnival of Bosa. This package includes all that is included in the "Sabato delle Cantine" one and in the "Fat Tuesday" plus a typical dinner at a local cellar on Monday 4th February.
Another mask showing up all his pain
In this case too, accomodation is in B&B, and all services provided for the Saturday are included starting from wine-tasting and bottle of wine to the mask-dress together with all services for the Tuesday such as the black dress with head-scarf, the bottle of wine, the dolly and the lunch for the morning and the white dress with the candlestick for the night.
The holiday includes
  • Accomodation for four nights, from Saturday to Tuesday included
  • Mask-dress for Saturday evening
  • Bottle of local wine on Saturday evening
  • Introduction to the evening
  • Entrance to local hexibitions
  • Mask-dress with head-scarf for Tuesday morning
  • Wine tasting
  • Typical sandwich to get ready for Tuesday morning
  • Bottle of local wine for Tuesday morning
  • Introduction to the events for the morning
  • Typical lunch at a cellar on Tuesday
  • White dress with candlestick for Tuesda night
  • Introduction to the evening
Price per person: from 169.00 GBP, complete package
For those of you interested in more details, the Complete programme of the holiday-packages is available in pdf format (95KB).
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