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SWS offers you the chance to enjoy beautiful excursions all along Sardinia thanks to a wide net of partners capable of showing you the best from every area you visit.
Excursions from SWS
Asinara island
Asinara island
The beautiful island of Asinara is located on the top nort-western corner of Sardinia and can be easily reached by ferryboat after a crossing lasting 20 minutes...
Asinara, a young visitor makes friends with a local donkey
Animals and plants on the island are of real interest as, although the island is quite close to Sardinia, the developed as if they were living in a separted ecosystem rich of peculiarities...
Asinara, beautiful beach
The excursion can be done on various means of transport: the offroad vehicle is the one that lets you see almost everything on the island but we can't overlook the touristic train and, for the most demanding, the sailboat...
Offroad vehicle 51,50 p.p.
Touristic train 40,00 p.p.
Sailing boat 120,00 p.p.
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