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Who we are
SWS has been in the travel business since 1983 and during its lifetime it constantly worked towards a better quality of service. This evolution has been possible thanks to people that we present on this page. We can't omiss to cite the important contribution given to our business from Franco Spada and Hida Hashemi, now dealing with other markets.

Pino Masia
Founder of the agency and currently its technical director. Pino spent 35 years of his life working as an international tour guide all around Europe, Russia and South Africa. He speaks 5 languages and dedicates his free time to reading and to his old passion, his vineyard.

Francesco Masia
Son of the founder and current managing director of the agency. Francesco comes from an IT background and wants to bring the agency into the Internet era. He spends his free time rowing.

Giuliana is in charge of the holidays and cultural excursions in Bosa. Giuliana is the mind behind the historically-based excursions our agency offers and she has a great knowledge of traditions of the area.

Nino is a rower from the local rowing club, the Circolo Canottieri Sannio, and he actively collaborates with our agency in managing training camps. Nino studies economy in Sassari, he speaks English and he is also a qualified rowing coach.

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